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Our Services

  • Brand Service Consultancy
  • Service Guidelines Development
  • Service Encounter Assessment
  • Seminars and Learning Workshops
  • Hotel Departmental Programs

Brand Service Consultancy

What is your brand's Service DNA? Is it truly distinct and unique or merely something that sounds good? Most hospitality businesses have their service vision and brand identity established; but not many are able to measure the success of these in a meaningful way, beyond the numericals. How do you incorporate your brand values within internal processes and into your service culture? The key question: do your clients (and own team members) perceive your brand the way you want it to be?  

Service Guidelines Development

Here, we are not referring to the boring standard operating procedures and service manuals (which in all honesty, no one really reads). We do not want to be creating service robots by telling team members to stick to the 1001 standards. We are more excited about meaningful service guidelines which encourage creativity and sense of ownership; authentic service principles which are embraced by the team and translated into positive actions.  

Service Encounter Assessment

Forget about the "white-gloved-hand-swiping-across-counters-for-dust-specks" type of inspection. It is not only about the checklist and measurement of service gaps. Our key mission is to identify service uplift opportunities that create a more engaging and emotionally-connected experience for both your clients and team members. Let's make it a success for all!

Service Excellence Seminars & Learning Workshops

Frontline team | Middle management | Executive level

The thought-provoking question is: what service legacy do you want to leave behind? Service excellence is the mentality of not accepting mediocrity from ourselves. It is also about seeking continuous improvement. We do not present you with a fixed list of topics. Rather, we first strive to understand your team's learning needs before proposing and customizing the relevant modules. Our focus is on global service trends and best practices, soft skills and motivational leadership.  

Hotel Programs (various departments)

Reservations | Front Office | Butler Service | Food & Beverage Service | Housekeeping | Spa | Kids Club

Discover and unleash the full potential of your hotel's most valuable assets - your people, your brand ambassadors. Traditional service training is not our cup of tea, as it does not promote critical, intuitive thinking nor empowerment. We seek to inspire rather than train! Our goal is to share different perspectives and help them realise their full potential.  We delve deeper into behavioural elements which make a difference, integrating your brand values and positive traits in the process (e.g. being solution-focused, positive thinking and seamless teamwork). 

Caution: we cannot do it without infusing fun in the programs.

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"Our team members enjoyed working with you very much and never felt that you were imposing on them any 'standards' which they were not believing in. You were as well a great cross-cultural bridge in this entire exercise. On all the positives above, you also brought a clear new vision to the resort without compromising on the running of a successful, high level (occupancy) resort's operation." 


GM - Luxury resort in Thailand (Condé Nast Award Winner) 

Brand Service Consultancy

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