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Layana Resort: An Unexpected Greeting

It was our first stay at Layana Resort in south Thailand and we were looking very much forward to this vacation.

As we were led to the villa by the resort butler, I thought of how smooth everything had been so far: the airport transfer, the arrival and the check-in and resort orientation.

Then as we approached our unit, a gardener stood up from his pruning works nearby, with the tool still in his hands. He smiled and greeted us with a very sincere welcome........using our names too (despite only speaking a smattering of English). W-O-W, what a surprise!

The arrival service by other team members was without hiccup and pleasant; but the gardener's greeting was unexpectedly delightful! And that's the very reason why, even after several years since our stay, I am still raving about this unforgettable, peak moment.

Service Bank: 💖💖💖💖💖

Reflective thoughts: Your organization's service delivery may be going routinely well, but does it truly make a difference in the eyes of your guests and customers? What's unexpectedly good or great about what you or your teams do?

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