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Apartment Viewing: Empathy before Justification

Yesterday, we went to view an apartment for potential purchase. The agent was friendly and chatty. All was good.

At one point, I casually commented that we would have preferred for the terrace to be used as an extended part of the living room rather than its current storage function. The agent immediately proceeded to explain why the terrace would not suit for living room use. He said the space was rather narrow to place more than two seats, a small table and shelf. He reiterated that “it made more sense” with its current use.

I wasn't looking for a justification. In fact, the two chairs, small table and small shelf would have suited us just fine. He could have said, "I see what you mean. That could also be an alternative use if you are looking to add a cosy area here to relax in." Thereafter, he could have continued with his recommendation: "If the existing storage space in the bedroom is insufficient for you, you could use the terrace to store big items such as luggage; or you can choose to further customise it based on your needs." More importantly, if only he had asked about our needs, about what was important for us and our lifestyle.

It is not about justifying your product or service. It is about showing empathy and understanding your audience. Ask, to find out a little more about your clients. Ask, to learn about their priorities and concerns. Showing genuine interest will go a long way. 😊❤️

Service Bank: Minus 1

Reflective thoughts: What are the type of questions you ask your team, guests and customers/clients? Do the questions make your target audience feel annoyed, dismissed of, or a perceived level of care?

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