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Audits of Concierge Service

Here are some overviews of service audits with various concierge teams worldwide


  • Concierge was unfamiliar with the newly launched tea-plucking experience and turned to ask his colleague in local language without acknowledging the guest. The second colleague responded, barely looking up from his screen.

  • When enquiring for a restaurant, Concierge did not bother to first ask about guest's preferred cuisine.

  • When enquiring with the Concierge about the yoga classes offered at the gym, there was no offer to book the session. When probed further, employee simply referred for guest "to approach the team at the fitness centre, which is located on the 17th floor."

  • Only one choice was offered for recommended restaurants and guest had to prompt to ask for more information about the place (e.g. ambience, how to get there, etc.)

  • When Concierge said they would send the information "later" without giving a specific time. Or, when they do so and are late in delivery.

  • Concierge was not familiar with the postage value for sending postcards overseas. Neither did she offer to send on behalf of the guest, although she did refer guest to the nearby post office.


  • When guest asked about ways to top up her local SIM card, the Concierge was able to: a) inform the choices of going to the nearby 7-11 or doing it online - both of which the team member was able to assist; b) Concierge asked about guest's excursion yesterday and showed awareness of the program; c) Concierge asked if the guest had slept well on the first night; d) offered to check on the existing SIM card balance; e) asked if Housekeeping could service the room now since the guest was heading out of the hotel. The service was efficient, anticipatory and caring.

  • Concierge was able to recommend first-hand, the signature dishes at each of the three restaurants enquired. The superb ready knowledge made guests feel confident about all his suggestions put forward.

  • Guest asked for recommendation on places with live music and for the information to be sent to the room later that day. The presentation was most unique with 6 choices (actually 3 would do), and each venue had its own information pack in an A4 envelope. To top it off, each envelope had a special cut-out design of a CD - different colours for each - as a label. There was clear information on how to get there, the type of music played, the operating hours, etc. A highly personalised presentation!

  • Guest asked casually about the weather forecast and received a complete package with the handmade Japanese teru teru bozu doll at the room. This was a big surprise and made guest feel special. (Refer to post on The Most Wonderful Weather Forecast)

  • Guest requested for a black hair tie and nail clipper, and the Concierge/Guest Services team delivered an amazing array of related products - packets hair ties in different colours, comb, information on how to tie/style the hair, nail buffer - complete with a personalised note signed by several team members. Guest felt pampered and indulged. (Refer to post on Going the Extra Mile: The Hair Elastic Band Request)

Reflective thoughts: Why do you think some team members deliver disappointing service while others excel in being impressive? What measures can be undertaken to eradicate such let-down service? What can be done to ensure there is a higher degree of occurrence throughout the team for impressive service?


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