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Case Review: A Front Office audit of a Danang hotel

Using the Service Bank Concept of deposits and withdrawal of hearts:


  1. The driver was friendly and asked about our previous visit to Vietnam, as well as shared with us the changing climate in the country. 💖

  2. He asked about our home country and interacted with us in an appropriate manner without being intrusive.💖

  3. When we reached the hotel, he said graciously, "We will take care of your luggage and send them directly to your room. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us at (name) resort."💖

  4. Guest name was used. 💖

Service bank of transport encounter: 4 💖

At check in:

  1. Although the receptionist asked about our flight, there was no further acknowledgement or engagement when we said it was a short flight as we had flown in from the capital. (Minus 1)

  2. The hotel orientation was kept brief with highlight of outlet opening hours, location of spa and fitness centre. (no change in Service Bank status)

  3. We were informed that "as it is already late, another colleague will come to (your) room the next day to say hello and assist you during your stay". When I asked the employee if he could also assist us during our stay, he smiled politely and said, "I am only a receptionist, but if you have questions, I can also help." (see post on What's Your Sense of Ownership and Purpose) - (Minus 1 for unclear communication and Minus 1 for lack of ownership/prompted assistance)

  4. Buggy driver offered to drive along the sea front for a "nice view" to get to our room. 💖

  5. We would have appreciated if two key cards were given/offered for the two of us, instead of just one. (Minus 1 for anticipatory service)

  6. The room has two welcome cards on the centre table - one of them is addressed to another guest, while the second card had our name misspelt. (Minus 2 for lacking sense of readiness and of seamless collaboration)

Service bank at check-in: Minus 5 hearts

Guest Services/Concierge:

  1. We went by the reception desk to ask about airport transfer on departure day. Although the team member knew the transfer cost, he was not aware of the car models used and referred me to the concierge desk. (Minus 1 for lack of product knowledge as this is considered basic information for Front Desk team)

  2. When we commented about the high price, he said, "It is with our driver, and it is safe." (while no points are deducted, the response leaves us with more questions than answers.)

Service bank at Guest Services/Concierge (even though it is at the reception desk): Minus 1 heart

Total Service Bank: 5 💖 - 7 = Net of minus 2 hearts

Reflective thoughts: There is always an opportunity to gain a 💖 deposit in the Service Bank when interacting with the guests. The more hearts gained, the more emotionally engaging the encounter.

In the above illustration, the driver made a very strong positive impression since there was a 💖 for each of the points. Contrast this with the check-in and request at front desk. Using the same examples, how could we uplift the service for the interaction that had a withdrawal or no change in Service Bank status?

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