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Case review: Aszo Restaurant in Budapest

  • When we apologised to the hostess for being ten minutes late, she did not acknowledge at all. Key emotion: Ignored. (-1)

  • While leading us to our table in the big restaurant, the sommelier was in the midst of serving the adjacent table so we were told to wait for a moment. It felt rather awkward to be standing right in the middle of the restaurant between the tables. Couldn't the hostess lead around the other side of table? Or the sommelier step aside instead of having to wait until his guest has sampled the wine? Key emotion: Invisible, ignored, uncomfortable (- 3)

  • We asked the waiter to recommend between two main courses. After cheerfully assuring us that all our shortlist dishes were really good, as with all on the menu, he proceed to find out about our intended starters so as to put forward a better match. Key emotion: Personalised (+1)

  • Later the manager came by as I swapped seats with my husband and asked if we were feeling comfortable. He demonstrated interest in us and I told him I just wanted to have a better view of the live band playing. Key emotion: Care and interest (+1)

  • The waiter who delivered our dishes - whom we have yet to meet - were well aware that we had swapped seats and readily set out the correct dish in front of the right person at the table. Key emotion: Hassle-free - due to the seamless team communication (+1)

  • Manager came by to recommend some of his favourite desserts and welcomed us to make some song dedications. Key emotion: Engaged (+1)

Total Service Bank: Net of zero.

Reflective thoughts: Identify the regular micro-moments that could negate or compromise the overall service experience you would like to target. There could be things specific to your service touch point, the physical space, the sequence, etc. Drill down further. Put in place the "stoppers". What would your list look like?

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