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Case Review: Feeling Pampered at Rayavadee

This little piece of paradise made me feel relaxed after a few days’ stay and the service was totally pampering in an authentic, genuine and heartfelt manner.

  • Housekeeping: on the final day of my previous stay, I had remarked casually that I found it a hassle to peel open the packets of facial cotton pads on a daily basis. On this stay at least two years after, I was highly impressed that on arrival to my room, a large packet of cotton pads was placed prominently in my washroom. Just for me! (Truth to be told, I did not even remember my own comment until I saw this big pack. I have never grinned so much at a packet of cotton pads ever in my life.) 💖💖💖💖💖

  • At arrival to the Khrua Phranang restaurant, the young intern showed ready knowledge of our booking and immediately addressed us by name once the room number was given. (This also reflects positively on his team and seniors for showing the right guidance.) 💖💖💖

  • Laundry: usually this is a straight forward service, and guests do not expect anything beyond timeliness of service and clean clothes back. Here, I received my laundry wrapped nicely in a cloth and this package was then placed in a wicker basket. As I opened it, there was a surprise inside – a small basket of my preferred fruits (cling-wrapped) along with a small bunch of flowers and a personalised note with my name and wishing me a lovely day. How refreshingly unique and sweet! 💖💖💖💖💖

  • When I asked for some Handyplast to be placed in my room, it came with a handwritten note of “Take care” with smiley face. There was also a follow-up message to check that I was doing fine and did not require further medical attention. 💖💖💖

  • I asked if there was someone from the Activity centre who could play tennis with me. Pong was assigned and he came prepared with mosquito repellent, bottled water and fresh towels. He pointed out the washroom – which was quite some distance away, should I need to use it before. (Anticipation!) Towards the end of our rallying, he heard some chirping sounds and tried to locate the source. He knew these were from baby birds, and asked if I was keen to take a look – yes! He spotted a partially hidden bird nest right outside the court and took time to explain to me the type of bird and its key characteristics. My tennis session was augmented to be a learning experience of nature too. How delightful! 💖💖💖

Service bank: 19 x 💖 just for the above encounters alone

Reflective thoughts: How would you feel in each of the encounters listed above? How do you think the team members feel? How do you orchestrate or/and encourage such delightful moments to be delivered to your guests?

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