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Case Review: Hotel Muse, Bangkok


  • At check-in, the desk was messy and other guests' personal details (names, credit card, home address, email address, etc.) are easily visible. (Minus 5)

  • As there had been a bombing incident that morning in a nearby mall, there was a management notice placed on the front desk, advising guests to "exercise extreme caution when outside". I asked if there is anything specific to do or know - such as a number to dial in case of emergency when outside, and the receptionist simply shrugged with a smile, "I don't know." (Minus 3)

  • There was no tag placed on my luggage, which was left near the elevator without any staff looking over it. In the end, I picked up my own luggage - and could have easily taken other guests' bags along too! (Minus 3)

  • The elevators were rather dimmed and other guests commented they could hardly see the buttons. Your design vs guest's comfort? (Minus 1)

  • The tissue box in the room - made of faux leather - was peeling off by the edges. Small details matter! (Minus 1)

Service Bank: Withdrawal of 13

Reflective thoughts: How can you and your team improve on the sense of readiness for your guests/clients? What other factors can you work on to elevate the sense of security and making sure your target audience feel well taken care of?


  • The hostess was on a call when we arrived, but she acknowledged us with ready smile and positive eye contact. (Plus 1 x 💖)

  • Employee showed care by asking if the sunlight was "not too much" in my face when we first sat down at the table. (Plus 1 x 💖)

  • Something unique: the efficient egg order sheet with pre-printed table number. (Plus 1 x 💖)

Service Bank: Deposit of 3 x 💖

Reflective thoughts: Even during busy moments, it is still important to acknowledge other waiting guests. How does your team/work place attempt to shorten the perceived waiting time for guests?

Dinner at Medici

  • The starter of carpaccio was still slightly frozen when served - (Minus 1). After we informed the waitress, the Chef came out right away to apologise and he offered to change to another fresh dish of the same or to a different starter. (Plus 1 x 💖)

  • When the same starter was ordered, the chef came by specially to check on our satisfaction (Plus 1 x 💖)

  • Bonus deposit for the Chef - for his sense of ownership and sincerity. (Plus 1 x 💖)

  • Something unique: live opera during dinner (Plus 5 x 💖)

Bank: Deposit of 7 x 💖

Reflective thoughts: A good service recovery is relevant and heartfelt. (It's not all about giving complimentary benefits!) In the above example, the chef turned the situation around and helped add further hearts to the service bank. Review your department's top 3 complaints - what can you or the team do to a) prevent or reduce it from reoccurring?; b) what is considered a relevant and heartfelt recovery?

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