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Case Review: Level 33 at Four Seasons Mumbai

It was an enjoyable evening with upbeat and natural service.

As we approached the counter after exiting the elevator, the host asked if we would prefer smoking or non-smoking section. We opted for the latter. In an jovial manner, the employee chirped, "Then you will have an even better view for being healthy!" 💖

He then added as he led the way to a table, "Anyway, I'll also show you the other (non-smoking) sections in case you prefer these options." Choices, choices, are always welcomed. 💖

We opted for a table which had just been vacated. The host handed us the drink list and informed that his colleague will come by shortly for the orders, while he cleared some items off the table.

Moments later, the waiter came by with greeted us chirpily, "Good evening everyone, how are you all doing today?" 💖 "We're great, and how about you?" we asked in return. After announcing that he was feeling "tip-top", and asking if we were ready for our orders or if we needed any help with the menu, he said spontaneously, "First, let me clear these....(there were two more glasses remaining on the table). Second thing, let me wipe this clean for you....ok, I'm ready, please tell me."

As this was an open rooftop bar and it was a particularly windy evening, both my friend and I ended up with a somewhat voluminous hairstyle by the end of the evening. At departure, the same employee who had first welcomed us kept up with his upbeat demeanour as my friend passed a remark about her own hair, while trying to smooth it down with her palm. "This natural hairstyle is all the trend now and looks good on you. Many people try to put on various hair products to make it look like this!" 💖

Service Bank: Deposit of 4 💖

Reflective thoughts: Referring to the encounters described above, how would you categorise each of them where a "heart deposit" had taken place? E.g. humour? anticipatory service? positive engagement? Could there potentially be any "heart withdrawal"? Discuss.

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