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Case Review: Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo (Pre check-in)

Two weeks before arriving, we had called to check that we could first leave our luggage for two days as we were headed to Kyoto for a short stay. The operator confirmed this was fine and asked for our booking name and estimated arrival time.

When we arrived at the hotel to drop off our luggage on the said day, we were pleasantly surprised that the friendly porter showed ready awareness of our situation and said that he was expecting us. (Sense of readiness: + 💖)

When we asked about the directions to the central train station, he offered to walk with us to show the way. In the end, the three of us walked for about 150m (minimum!) and chatted about Kyoto along the way. (Helpful, anticipatory, sense of ownership and friendliness: + 💖💖💖)

Service Bank: Deposit of 4 hearts

Reflective thoughts: It's such a nice surprise whenever the actual service delivery exceeds expectations. Review the above case again - what would have been a "flat" encounter? What are your ideas to achieve a further deposit of heart/s?

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