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Case Review: Off to Paris on Singapore Airlines

Service star in action: Ms. Li Kai Ping

1. Very warm greeting upon boarding, with good eye contact 💖

2. When placing my luggage overhead, she said, “Let me help you, Ms. (last name)” 💖

3. I had declined another crew member for dinner after take-off and said I was likely to sleep instead. Ms. Li came by soon after to offer to reserve my supper dish in case I woke up hungry later. 💖💖💖

4. During turbulence, I covered my drinking glass and bowl with my palms. Ms. Li returned with a paper napkin for each, and an extra one for my hands. 💖

5. Service was attentive and engaging throughout the flight, without being intrusive. 💖

6. Later, she asked if I was aware of the chef program for both premium economy and business class, and listed examples of dishes one could pre-order before the flight. When I expressed interest, she wrote down the name of the site for me. 💖

7. Shortly before landing, Ms. Li came by to ask if I had any feedback. I replied that all was good and the service was attentive. Instead of a mere, “Thank you”, she continued to show genuine interest for my well-being and asked about my meal and the comfort of my seat. She then wrote down the email address of customer service – should I think of further thoughts on how they could improve. Smart yet discreet move in seeking positive feedback. 💖

8. A very fond farewell which made me feel valued and recognised. 💖

Service Bank: 10 x 💖

Reflective thoughts: Take a regular service sequence and break them down into micro-moments. How can each of them gain an extra heart/plus in the Service Bank?

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