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Cheval Blanc Randheli: Impressions of a Luxury Getaway

I first stayed there soon after the property’s opening. There are some obvious factors that make an everlasting impression: the private seaplane journey, the stunning resort architecture, the humongous size of even the entry-level villas and its luxurious furnishings, the extensive wine list and cellar, etc. Then I refer back to my notes and I was curious what I had captured back then. Here goes:

What I wished had been different:

  • No one cared about “Our Preferences” list which we were asked to fill in pre-arrival. (Then why bother to ask the guests in the first place?)

  • Majordome (i.e. butler): On several occasions, even when we were trying to engage with him, he didn’t seem to reciprocate. (Post-note: turned out that he thought we had wanted privacy. Still, he should have connected with our jovial mood when we tried speaking with him.)

The special touches:

  • After going on the jet ski, an employee from the sports centre walked past and gave me a folded cricket made from leaves. Nice touch!

  • Samy of Le 1947: his calm presence, strong knowledge and impeccable service. We looked forward to seeing him whenever we dine at this outlet.

  • Diptyque Restaurant: Upbeat service and good teamwork. The Director of Food and Beverage came by to greet the guests, and at our table, he informed us the best spots on the island to see fishes swimming in hordes.

  • At departure: an army of chefs and cooks lining up both sides of the private jetty to see us off!

Reflective thoughts: Think of a hotel stay experience that happened a while back. What do you still remember from it? Do these factors still matter today?

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