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Constance Le Prince Maurice: The Art of Room Service

This resort property has nailed down the Art of Room Service, understanding it is more than just a “make-do” meal served within one’s room, but rather, a very memorable occasion of exclusive dining:

💖 Team member Melvin extended warm greetings, addressed me by name and asked about my day as he entered the room (after seeking permission to do so). There was no unnecessary delay and the flow was smooth. As per standard, he asked where I would like the table to be set up.

💖 Apart from the usual polished cutlery and fine crockery set on crisp white table cloth, there was a thick candle in a glass jar and two hand-picked red hibiscus. My favourite part? The table art created on-the-spot with a mixture of black sesame seeds, red pepper, cinnamon sticks, star anises and other spices, with the wording “Enjoy” formed by simply “writing” with one’s finger through the sesame seeds. This spontaneous creation barely took ten seconds, yet delivered such a unique and delightful impression. (Alas, the photos taken back then had compatibility issues when transferring to my new laptop)

💖 Melvin pulled out the chair for me and with a grand hand gesture, informed that my dinner was ready. He also placed the napkin for me, making me feel I was enjoying the attentive service of a fine restaurant.

💖 He offered to bring ginger tea or other herbal infusion when returning to clear the tray. “It helps to relax and have a good night sleep,” I was informed.

💖 He offered to put on the Do Not Disturb sign after delivering the food, so that I could enjoy my meal in peace. Very thoughtful!

💖 Before leaving the room, Melvin said, “Thank you for using our In-room Service, (guest name). Bon appetite! ” What gracious appreciation!

Total Service Bank: Minimum of 6 x 💖

Reflective thoughts: Most room service experience are mediocre at best, with nothing much to rave about. Beyond polite service and timely, correct order delivery, how can the team member make a positive difference to the experience? What would be something unexpected or truly unique of Room Service that most hotels do not do?

(Read about the city hotel in Bangkok which also excels in their Art of Room Service)

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