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D'Bespoke: Japanese Bar Service in Singapore

The first time I went to this whiskey bar with my husband and another couple, I admit I was not expecting that the service would be anything out of the ordinary. Or rather, I just had no expectations at all. By end of the evening, I was gladly proven wrong by their very attentive service.

The moment the four of us sat down, we were immediately brought warm towels, glasses of water and cups of hot tea, à la Japanese style. This seemingly simple gesture - of good timing I must add - made the customers feel welcome right away.

Both service staff who attended to us were highly knowledgeable about the drink list as well as about other rare spirits that were not in the menu. They were able to hold the conversation well and enlighten us with their insights.

When I decided to swap my large arm chair seat with my husband - who was on the smaller but sturdier chair - one of the employees stepped forward swiftly, looked up at the overhead vents of the air conditioner and asked if I was feeling cold. He offered me a shawl to keep warm. (I had moved seat as the smaller chair was better for my sitting posture since I was recovering from a slipped disc.)

Each time when one of us got up to use the washroom, the staff would readily escort us to its entrance and open the door for us. Upon returning to the table, we would be presented with yet another fresh, warm towel. Their timing of delivery was always spot-on, to the very second.

They had ear pieces to communicate effectively with one another - such that when one customer was heading downstairs, the tending employee would let the colleague downstairs know. Without fail, there would always be someone ready to receive you at the foot of the stairs, or when heading back up again.

The team's collaboration was truly seamless and the service execution flawless. I wish this could be the benchmark of service for the dining/bar scene in Singapore.

Service Bank: 💖💖💖

Reflective thoughts: How many pluses in the Service Bank are there in the above situation? Which parts of your service delivery are considered the most attentive? What are other areas to improve on?

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