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Do Your "Policies" Truly Matter?

My mind in constantly wandering and wondering. I overthink about the possibilities, about the whys and the why nots. I always seek to understand what I don't.

Like the resort which says they do not serve complimentary water (not even filtered) by the pool side. Why? Yet your restaurant does. If it is about saving costs - then why hire the dance performers when there are only four guests who have booked for dinner; or why bother to provide indoor and outdoor slippers when most if not all guests would bring their own slippers to a beach resort?

Or when the hotel spa says that they cannot pre-fill the health questionnaire with the guest name and room number - even though a prior appointment had been made. (To be clear, we are not asking the team to fill in the part on health conditions, areas to focus/avoid or to sign off for the guest.) When asked why, the manager said they "have always done it that way", and that it would otherwise "void the disclaimers for injury/theft/loss". Seriously?

Or at another spa where I am booked for 60 minutes of aromatherapy, but they are not able to do 1-hour just focusing on my entire back without me turning around mid-way. And not being to explain why.

Or when guest arrives earlier than check-in time, employees do not need to keep repeating or harping on the fact that the "official check-in time is 3pm". Yes, the guests know that, heard that repeatedly, are aware, and can read the time. More importantly, focus on their comfort, their convenience. Tell them how soon can they expect the room to be ready. Even if it can only be ready at 3pm. This is certainly not the right time to highlight "our hotel's policy".

Reflective thoughts: When was the last time anyone had reviewed your hotel's or department's policies? Are they still relevant? Is there anything that could/should be updated?

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