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DUH Service

This, I am referring to service which makes one do a facepalm, which makes us wonder how can the person be so clueless on what to do or how to help.

Here are some examples:

Front Office

  • Telling receptionist/rooming attendant we were very tired after the long flight to Hawaii and yet the friendly lady insisted on showing us EVERYTHING in the room. Including opening up the wardrobe to highlight the different types of hangers and what clothes are best for which; pointing out the his/her sinks and amenities displayed out in the bathroom, etc. until we repeated we would like to rest now. (I was suspecting she would have mentioned the toilet bowl and flush too if we didn't stop her in time.) And, I had to ask for the Wi-Fi password since it had not been given/mentioned yet.

  • Phoning the operator to make a restaurant booking, but the employee did not ask about timing and number of diners.

  • Being locked out of the room, and the employee coming up with the key card had the wrong one with him.

  • Called Guest Services to ask that the requested document be slotted under the door, since Privacy Sign was on and husband was sleeping. Five minutes later, the phone rang and the same person I had spoken to informed that the document has been delivered. (Yes, I am aware and you have now woken up the sleeping guest)

  • During the airport transfer, the outsourced limousine had bottled water of a competitor's brand served to the guests. (This transport company services several luxury hotels in Langkawi)

Food and Beverage:

  • Informing the hotel restaurant that I had misplaced my room key card and all I get is "No problem", without being offered to get a replacement card from the Front Desk.

  • After informing the waiter that the box of tissues only had two sheets left and there were ants all over the inner cover, he apologised and removed it right away; but never returned to bring a fresh box.

  • The restaurant manager came over to chat and asked about our drinks. However, after 3 minutes of chitchat, he didn't seem to notice that our glasses were empty.

  • Dining napkin was left on the bedroom floor near the door when Room Service came to clear the tray.

  • Waiter coming by to top up the water glasses and removing the straw wrapper, but not clearing the empty Coke glass. For 30 minutes until we departed.

  • Removing the waffle plate but not the maple syrup.

  • Moving the salt and pepper so far out of reach for the single diner.

  • When diners swaps seat with their children, the waiter helped to move the crockery and water glasses. He stood by attentively, observing if all's good at the table before leaving. However, the cutlery and wine glasses were not moved.

Reflective thoughts: What are some of the DUH moments you have encountered? How can these be avoided?

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