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"I am ONLY a ....."

Once, while I was checking in at Fusion hotel in Danang, the receptionist mentioned that their Fusionista would be able to assist us during our stay. Out of pure curiosity, I asked....

Me: Sorry, what's that? And what does the person do?

Receptionist: He will come to your room and say hello, and assist you during your stay.

Me: (Thinking that I don't want someone to come to my room and say hello.) Could you do

that too? Say, if I need assistance during my stay?

Receptionist: Err....yes, I can help if you have some questions but I am only a receptionist. The

Fusionistas can help you more.

Reflective thoughts: I wonder what had led the receptionist to think or feel this way - as he seemed to give the impression of inadequacy. In fact, he seemed very competent and made us feel welcomed during the arrival experience. Furthermore, language was not a barrier since he spoke very good English too.

Do you think such titles take away the sense of ownership from the other team members? How do you make your team members never feel like they are "only" or "just" a role?

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