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Gracious Service from Jo Malone

Some time back, I went to the Jo Malone boutique located within a large shopping centre to buy a perfume for a gift.

The sales person readily greeted me as I approached the shop front, and offered to assist me. He highlighted some of the promotional packages and asked if I was looking for a scent in particular. When I told him it was the one with basil, he knew immediately which one I was referring to. This demonstrated his ready product knowledge as there must have been more than fifty or more to memorise. I said I was looking for the small-sized bottle.

After asking to be excused to check on the stock, the gentleman returned shortly to inform that the bottle I was seeking was only available at another nearby branch. Without hesitating, he offered to take the subway to retrieve the product for me. head there.

"It will take me not more than 30 minutes and if you don't mind, you could walk around the other shops first and meet me back here whenever it's convenient for you. I'll have it ready for you." the man said cheerily.

Wow, I was touched. He didn't see it as a hassle at all, especially since I was only buying one tiny bottle and it was amongst the lowest-priced item out of their entire range. I offered to make the payment first and I was most surprised that it was not necessary. I thanked him profusely and as I walked away to browse other shops, I realised my mood was uplifted by the kindness and attitude of this young man.

True to his word, everything was set and ready for my collection 30 minutes later to the dot. (He didn't even get to chat more with his colleagues over at the other branch, gallivant around to take a short break or have a coffee, that's for sure!)

The icing on the cake? Three weeks later, I received a small Jo Malone's card, with a tidy handwritten message to thank me for the purchase. (I had given my address to join their mailing list and membership.) This gracious gesture truly leaves a lasting impression...

Service Bank: +10

Reflective thoughts: There is an obvious cost outlay - in terms of money, time and manpower - for the company when they empower employees to head off to retrieve a singular bottle of scent not available at their own outlet. In addition, the printing and sending of cards do not come free too. Why do you think this brand is willing to take on these additional costs and what do they mean for the customers? What impression to you get about their culture and way of doing things?

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