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Hotel Check-Out Experience

Many hotel employees handling the checking out process may see it as a transaction - ask about mini-bar consumption, print the bill, check the bill, settle the payment, print the receipt, place in envelope and done! Sadly, not many in our industry demonstrates their hospitality when it comes to checking out.

Those who know the standards better will offer luggage assistance and transport.

Even fewer would ask about the stay - in a genuine manner, and where a suitable response is provided regardless of what the guests may respond. The following is quite a common occurrence:

Employee: How was your stay? (while looking mostly at the screen)

Guest: It was great! We enjoyed it.

Employee: (pursed smile) Thank (looking back at the screen) you. (typing rapidly at the keyboard)

(Silence.........until employee asks guest to check the bill and enquires about method of payment.)

As mentioned in an earlier post, asking about the mini bar consumption as the first question is really a no-no if you would like to create a positive impression.

On my last travel, I asked during check-out if the hotel had some facilities for freshening up, as I would have liked to freshen up before my red-eye flight. The receptionist responded with, "Sorry, we don't have."

She could have suggested the bathrooms at the swimming pool, or for me to enjoy a relaxing massage at their L'Occitane Spa prior to making my way to the airport. Even if there was zero shower facilities available, she could have offered something else to make me feel comfortable during the wait. How about enjoying a meal at their restaurant and highlight the current promotion, or drinks at the bar with some light snacks? For sure they can provide some refreshing hand towels too?

Reflective thoughts: How can you make the check-out experience at your hotel a special experience in itself? (The current benchmarks are so low that it is really not difficult at all to make a positive difference)

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