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Four Seasons Bangkok: We Don't Feel Understood At All...

(Lunch at a French bistro, located within this 5-star hotel by the Chao Praya River)

Pointing to one item in the menu, I asked the waitress:

Me: This fish for sharing....may I know how big is it?

Employee 1: Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's small. And because we got this fish in a few days ago, I am not sure. Please let me check with the kitchen.


Comments: What does the conversation show or imply? Lack of service readiness, lack of seamless communication between kitchen and service team......and that the fish may not be fresh?

Service Bank: Minus 3


Husband: What is the difference between the small dishes and appetisers?

Employee 2: They are good for individual portions.


Comments: Erm, sorry, but the question has not been answered.

Service Bank: Minus 1


Me: Between the beef tartare and onion soup, which is more popular here?

Supervisor: I recommend the oysters.

Me: Ah, I don't take oysters. But between the beef tartare and onion soup, which one would you suggest?

Supervisor: You can also take the tuna tartare, or the salad.....


Comments: What does the conversation show or imply? This employee doesn't listen......and if she doesn't, how does she lead or guide her team? Besides, what is wrong with your beef tartare and onion soup?

Service Bank: Minus 5


Reflective thoughts: Do you know what your team finds challenging to communicate to the guests or diners? (e.g. benefits of loyalty program, provenance and cooking methods of the signature dishes, the history of the building, etc.?) How is your team being guided in their communication?

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