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Humour in Service

This is something that cannot be mandated as a standard, or have a script for - but yet humour in service demonstrates the team members' alertness, friendliness, playfulness and engagement all rolled in one when executed appropriately.

At Coya, a modern and upbeat South American restaurant in 6th arrondissement in Paris, everything looked great on the menu. After our third round of orders, I said to the friendly waiter that I was tempted to order everything. What would you expect as a response? Perhaps for the person to say, 'Take your time!" or "You should try all"?

Instead, the waiter joked that he could help keep the menu away and playfully placed the folder behind his back, hidden from plain sight. In the end, we ordered another two dishes - not because we were still hungry; but simply because he had put us in an even better mood!

On the small shuttle ferry from Dinard to St. Malo, it was just my husband and I onboard this quiet morning.

Boatman: All good and ready?

Husband: Yes, all great. Just missing some champagne.

Boatman: Ah...the fridge's broken today. Maybe tomorrow we will have champagne and caviar!

Just like the waiter at Coya, the boatman understood our jovial mood and connected back the same way. Results? Uplifting our moods even further! (Usually a tip is not necessary for shuttle service, but in this case, we were happy to do so, simply because we were in a great mood!)

In one of my earlier articles, I had written about the friendly porter who told us that elsewhere, people pay for gym membership to exercise; and that he was lucky to be paid to do his workout and become more muscular from the carrying of equipment, luggage, etc!

Reflective thoughts: It is not just about what we did well with the guests, but rather, how did we make them feel? Did we connect with their mood, and know when to do what to whom? How can we put our guests in a/an (even) better mood? That would be what I call the uplifting service.

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