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Loss and Found - Impressive or otherwise?

We had a red-eye flight back from Haneda Airport, so we left our luggage with the bell team at Royal Park Hotel around noon and headed out to explore the city on our departure day for the next 8 hours.

Soon after, my teenage nephew recalled he had left his new large packet of KitKat in the room fridge and accepted that it would most likely be gone by the time we returned in the evening. I told him it was worth a check when we returned, so that was what I did. The bell team member checked right away and moments later, returned to inform that Housekeeping had found it earlier when clearing the room. He said his colleague had gone to retrieve it from the Loss and Found, and would bring it over to us at the lobby.

My nephew was most pleased to get his Japan-edition of KitKat back and said the service was very good. While I am happy for him and appreciated the team's effort, the process could have been a lot more seamless:

Housekeeping finds packet and hands over to Loss and Found -> Front Office is informed by either Housekeeping or Loss and Found (in case guest is still checking out or their luggage is held with the bell team) -> Bell team confirms they are holding onto guests' luggage until 8pm -> Message is keyed in system -> Separate note is attached onto the luggage as reminder (or if the item does not have to be kept refrigerated, to attach it directly to guest's luggage).

If the above process had been carried out, rather than having the returning guest ask about the loss and found item, the bell team would have ready awareness once the room number was given. (Or even better, guest is recognised before the room number is given)

That, would be much more impressive.

Service Bank: No change (perhaps a deposit of 5 from my young nephew's perspective)

Reflective thoughts: Seamless collaboration across departments is not easy to achieve on a consistent basis. Without a proper system or process in place where everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it, the results usually vary since it depends on "who you get".

What are the inconsistencies in terms of inter-departmental collaboration you would like to work on? What are your next steps?

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