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Luxury Hotel in Mumbai: Small Details Matter

On arrival at the airport, I was asked to confirm my name but was not addressed by it throughout (-1).

However, I appreciated that the airport representative asked about my flight and whether I had something to eat in the plane, demonstrating interest (+1).

During the car ride, I asked the driver how long he had been with the hotel. He said he was a contract worker (i.e. outsourced) but had been assigned to exclusively support the same property for the last four years. He added that unlike the luxury hotels in the city – he quoted Taj as an example – the hotel he works for does not offer meals and other benefits to contract workers like himself.

It pains me to see how big brands, especially the global ones, scrimp on basics for its local workers and yet spare no expense when it comes to purchasing a costly chandelier for its lobby all the way from Italy or sourcing for famous art pieces to display.

(I am withdrawing 3 hearts from the Service Bank for this encounter – for the non-professional communication of the driver as well as the poor treatment of its support team by the management/owners.)

At check-in, once all the procedures have been carried out, I asked if the hotel had superglue they could send to the room. While this was agreed, there was no offer to assist. In our hospitality language, we call this the lack of anticipatory service. (-1)

Before I reached my assigned room, the net balance in the Service Bank was a minus 4.

Yet, I believed each of the individuals encountered probably thought they had “done their job well.”

Reflective thoughts: Think of your last service encounter – what were some small, tiny details that negated the overall experience?

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