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Mini Case Review: Airport Transfer

The friendly airport rep greeted the guest by name and “welcome back”. Music to the ears of any returning guests and it always marks a positive first impression! 👏

The kind gentleman asked if the guest would like to use the restroom before heading to the car, which would arrive within the next 5 minutes. With the intention of making some small change, the guest enquired if there was a convenience store nearby. The airport rep confirmed there was one right ahead on the right side and offered to show the way, but the guest told him she would be quick and would leave her bags in his care. (Ahem, number of luggage pieces not confirmed!)

As the guest headed back the same way after the little errand run, she saw two officers standing guard at the 1-way passage where she had came from earlier.  She wondered how she was going to get back the same way now? 😓" Just as she was wondering if she would have difficulty explaining and making her way back to meet the employee, she saw him waving cheerfully from the other side. He then said something to the guards who then allowed the guest to pass without any fuss. 

The airport rep had taken initiative to walk a good 40 metres or thereabout with the trolley of luggage to be on the look-out for the guest. He could have stay rooted at the initial waiting spot, checked/played with his mobile phone while being passive in waiting for the guest's return. Instead, he anticipated the likely situation and as a result, made it convenient for the guest.

Both of them had an easy and natural conversation about the weather in Bangkok and upcoming plans during the stay as they walked towards the car. The man also informed of the weather forecast this coming week, demonstrating a good sense of service readiness. 


When there are several "Service Bank Pluses" for a single encounter - recognition, anticipatory service, thoughtfulness and natural engagement - guests will easily overlook and happily forget about the one missed functional standard. Emotional engagement triumphs!

Service Bank: Minimum of +3

Reflective thoughts: What are the potential hiccups that could happen during a meet-and-greet at the airport? How can we remove these minuses? What could make a deposit to the Service Bank?

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