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Mister Minit: Beyond a Functional Transaction

While collecting my repaired shoes from the cheery cobbler, Yang, I asked about the price of a leather cleaning solution. Twenty dollars, the man replied, and I said I would like to purchase a bottle.

He proceeded to ask about the colour of my product and advised me to be careful when using the liquid on light-colour leather items as it might cause discolouration. He then brought over a pair of beige leather moccasins to demonstrate his point, pointing out the different types of stains which could be removed and those which one should not even attempt with that particular cleaning solution.

As I took out my wallet to make the payment, I casually mentioned that it was hard to bring back the shine of a black leather bag. The man recommended a small can of black leather polish from the window display and brought it out to show me. I enquired about the price and decided it was too pricey. Yang replied, "No worries. Next time, why don't you bring your bag here and I can help test it on your bag with my open bottle?"

The gentleman had showcased his knowledge, helpfulness, empathy and generosity all in this single encounter. Thank you very much for the delightful service!

Service Bank: 💝💝💝

Reflective thoughts: Is your service penny-pinching your guests/clients/customers? What are some random, complimentary inclusions that will truly help them?

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