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Pim Pam Restaurant: Generosity Goes a Long Way

It was our second visit at this Spanish restaurant. On both occasions, we had enjoyed the upbeat service. As we placed our orders for the third round of churros, we chatted with the friendly waiter, Justin, and casually commented that the portion of churros this time round was smaller than what we had before.

We did not complain or make a fuss. We did not ask for any form of service recovery as we did not think any was needed. Know what the restaurant did? The third churro was on the house. Not only that, they also removed the charge for our patatas bravas. The generosity definitely was above and beyond.

At the same time, they gained their loyal customers who returned an average of once a month. That year, we also celebrated the family’s Christmas lunch there – with a total of 14 of us.

Moral of story: Generosity goes a long way.

Service Bank: 💖💖💖

Reflective thoughts: When was the last time you or your team acted on a passing remark, and pleasantly surprised the guest/client/customer? In terms of service recovery, do you extend the same to a complaining and upset customer vs a cheery guest who makes a casual comment about the same subject matter? (hint: most would focus only on former)

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