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Please Know About.....

In the case of hotels, apart from the usual basics listed in a typical fact sheet, such as property age, number of guest rooms and restaurants, facilities, location and nearest subway/metro stations, please improve your knowledge continuously. Do you know .....

  • The total number of staff and those who have been with the property since its pre-opening?

  • The origin of the paintings hanging behind the reception desk or the sculpture that is displayed prominently in the lobby?

  • What's the scent used in the common areas? Can it be bought?

  • How your property takes on active recycling (apart from the usual plea for guests to reuse their bath towels and not change the bed linens)?

  • The TV channels that are showing World Cup/FIFA/Olympics and other major global events? If these aren't available, what are the options for the guests?

  • How is the tax-refund process?

For F&B staff, there is no excuse you don't know the basics:

  • Soup/Dish/Cocktail of the Day

  • What is not available

  • Partnership promotions

  • Origin of the meat/seafood

  • The last order timing (for all outlets, including Room Service if it is not 24-hour)

  • Signature dishes of other outlets

Apart from the above, do you know when was the last time the hotel had a renovation? How would you describe the hotel's architectural style? If there is a live band/singing within the hotel, what are the performing hours and what genre of music is that? Do you know the famous local eateries in your area or beyond?

In outlets, beyond what is printed in the menu, can the employees further describe the cooking method, fresh ingredients, hours of cooking, etc?

Learn something new everyday - and look to other departments to expand your knowledge too.

Reflective thoughts: What other information would showcase the team members' strong product knowledge beyond the basics?

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