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Proactive Service at Physio8

Few years back, I had suffered a slipped cranial disc C6 and was referred by the orthopaedic specialist to undergo physiotherapy. My sessions at the referred Physio8 went smoothly, and I noted marked improvement in my condition after a few sessions with the therapist.

The receptionist also made a positive difference and came across as being alert and intuitive. When I requested for the receipt to be stapled behind the invoice instead of in front - as it was easier to scan them for claim purposes - she added that she would put a reminder in the system so that other colleagues would be aware too. How thoughtful and forward-looking!

When she asked if I would like a reminder call or text before the next scheduled appointment, I declined with thanks and informed I had already noted down the dates of all future sessions in my phone calendar.

On my subsequent visit, another receptionist was manning the counter. Without being prompted, she stapled the receipt the way I had requested previously. Furthermore, she showed awareness that I didn't require a reminder call or text. The seamless service is much appreciated!

Service Bank: + 2 💖

Reflective thoughts: Proactive service are not big elaborate acts of service, but rather, small gestures of thoughtfulness. How do you motivate your team to take on proactive service? In a restaurant context, if they know of the guest's preferred morning beverage, the employee can offer before being asked. What more can they do to be even more proactive?

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