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Probably The Worst Airport Transfer Ever

This happened some time back in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

As we exited the airport, we identified the signage of the resort where we would be staying at. The airport representative approached and asked for our names, without any warm welcome or greeting. She then called for the driver, who was apparently seated around the corner of the block. Within minutes, he appeared from afar and strolled leisurely over while the three of us stood waiting in his direction.

The driver was scruffy looking and bore no smile too. His colleague had to prompt him to help with the bags. As we got into the parked vehicle, the airport representative informed us that the journey would take 45 minutes and gave us the Wi-Fi password for the car.

However, we realised as the car pulled away that there was no Wi-Fi. When asked about it, the driver somewhat smirked and simply motioned with his hand to indicate "don't have". It felt as if we were asking him for something ridiculous.

He then started to hum a tune loudly, and would cast odd glances at us via the rear view mirror from time to time. We were starting to get rather uncomfortable as the car sped at more than 75km/h along the narrow countryside roads with incoming traffic. At one point, we had to ask him to slow down which he didn't seem too happy about. Next, he started to yawn as wide as one could see his tonsils, making much noise as he did so. A total of seven times throughout the remaining twenty odd minutes of the dreary car ride.

Post-stay note: I learned that this driver was let go the following week as he was caught stealing some items from the General Manager's car.

Service Bank: Minus 10 for lack of professionalism, basic comfort and security

Reflective thoughts: Your team is as strong as your weakest link - be it a service touch point, a process or a colleague. Review what's yours and discuss how you can improve. What are three hiring criteria that you/your company would never compromise on?

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