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Senses Spa at Hotel Crillon: When The Little Girl Was Treated Like a Lady

I had brought my 10-year-old niece along to purchase a gift voucher at Senses Spa at the renowned Hotel Crillon, Paris.

While there, the spa manager actively engaged with young Victoria, showing her the different perfume bottles that matched her dress colour, and patiently explaining each scent and its key ingredients. Victoria even got to choose her preferred scent and the employee helped spray it on her wrist and behind her neck. The manager then asked Victoria if she had seen the flowers at the lobby, and they bantered about the chocolates on display.

Being treated like a fine young lady, the mesmerised little girl was made to feel as if she was the most important customer ever to walk in through those grand doors.

Service Bank: 💖💖💖

Reflective thoughts: Do you treat your young guests as kids or as mini adults? Does your team focus only on the (real) adults, or actively engage with the little ones?

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