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Siam Kempinski Bangkok: Consistently Amazing In-Room Dining

We have stayed at this property a couple of times. While in most places, it is the hotel's unique design, its gorgeous facilities such as the infinity pool overlooking the ocean or the rooftop restaurant with panoramic views, or the room/villa interiors and its butler service that make a lasting impression; but at Siam Kempinski Bangkok, it is the In-Room Dining service that makes a distinction.

What is so special about their service? For one - and this is key - their warm and caring service is highly consistent. From the order taker on the phone, to the one doing the delivery, to the team member coming to do remove the trolley/tray, each and every one of them makes you feel warmly welcomed and happy to be of service. It did not happen only on the first stay, but the second, the third, and each and every day.

While we have also had the privilege to stay in other luxurious hotels with very decent Private Dining/Room Service, in most instances, the "ball is dropped" when there is more than one employee encountered. (Sadly, this is in reality very common even among the 5-star hotels and resorts, that many of us have almost come to accept that as the norm, which should not be the case). It could be an order taker sounding lukewarm but the person delivering the meal is highly engaging and pleasant, or vice versa. Or that the first two contact persons left a positive impression but the employee doing the clearance appears moody and hardly acknowledges the guests. All these make the guests end up feeling a tinge of uncertainty (and dare I say anxiety for some) as how good the service they will receive depends on "who they will get".

Smartly dressed in their crisp uniforms and with an ever-present genuine smile, the In-Room Dining team at Siam Kempinski would extend small gestures of kindness - be it offering to clear your laundry bag or arrange for wake-up call, even though technically, these are performed by other departments. To me, they are gracious hosts and not "just an employee", who are truly committed to making sure your stay with them is exceptional.

When they learnt that I was leaving for the airport around midday, they prepared for a takeout box of my favourite noodle dish (Phad Woon Sen) as I had ordered it several times during my previous stays and left the well-presented hotel paper bag with the Front Desk team. Condiments, paper napkin, cutlery were all thoughtfully included, along with a hand-drawn card from the department. I was truly touched and almost wanted to cancel my flight and extend for another night or two!

Service Bank: Plus 10 or the maximum possible.

Reflective thoughts: What are contributing factors for a consistently high-performing team in which every team member has the sense of ownership and commitment to service excellence? What would cause things to fall through the cracks?

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