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Singapore Airlines: Thank you for the Milo

Back in 2014, while flying with Singapore Airlines to Thailand, I met the same steward, Calvin, who was also part of the crew when I flew to Paris a few months prior.

On the long-haul flight then, he had prepared my requested Milo and together with another colleague of his, we had a nice chat as I drank my beverage at the galley area. It was a quiet night as the flight was not full. Anyway, it was a pleasant coincidence to see Calvin again.

On this particular flight to Bangkok, I observed how two stewards synchronised their timing when offering bottled water to us, on each of our sides. While there was no change in the service (or product) received, it did give us a positive impression about their teamwork and an appropriate dose of playfulness (i.e. how to make a mundane chore fun) 💖

The pilot making the usual introductory announcement, unlike many who speak in a garblish manner, articulated well like that of a person doing voiceover for Nat Geo documentaries. In particular, he complimented sincerely about the crew flying with him, and some passengers applauded too. Suddenly the mood was uplifted throughout and it felt as if everyone was now in the same club somehow, with a certain degree of connectedness. 💖

Mid-way while drinks were being served, Calvin came by to ask if I would like to have some Milo. I grinned but declined with thanks. This was certainly personalised service right here. 💖💖💖💖💖

As we landed and waited to disembark, Calvin came over and said, “Hope to see you on our flights again, Ms. (name). Next time I will make Milo for you again.” 💖💖💖

During disembarking, the purser also showed awareness of my previous encounter with his fellow colleague. As he thanked us sincerely, he added a line…”Maybe next time we shall see you on the Paris flight again, Ms. (name).” 💖💖💖

Service Bank: Minimum of 13 💖

Reflective thoughts: Why was there a ‘deposit’ in the Service Bank for the pilot’s announcement? What impression did you get from the interaction with the purser?

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