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Super Host of Air BnB

(This anecdote was shared by a friend)

Upon checking into the Singapore apartment, the guests were pleasantly surprised by the following:

  • Breakfast was stocked up in the fridge - yoghurt, juices, milk, bread, jam💖

  • There was a welcome handwritten note by the host, and informing the guests "there is no need to replace the food in the fridge since these are meant specially for you" 💖

  • There were two MRT cards provided for guests' use, with a small token of credit that they could already start taking the first rides 💖💖💖

  • An iPad was also provided for their use, with the passcode provided (the guest commented, "What trust they have in us!") 💖

  • Upon knowing that their friend might be visiting with his dog (guests had asked if it was fine pre-arrival and owner had readily agreed), a plastic water bowl and doggie treats were also ready on standby💖💖 💖

Service Bank: 9 x 💖

Reflective thoughts: The super host saw himself as more than just someone renting out his place for a few days. It was as if he felt truly vested in the total enjoyment of the guests' stay. It made the difference in both parties highly positive about the entire experience. Think of one or two examples where you or your team could transform from treating these as pure business transactions (i.e. minimal emotional engagement) to highly memorable experiences.

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