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Teamwork: the best way to impress guests

Often, I get asked the question "What's the best way to impress guests or provide WOW service?" For me, it is not about one grand gesture such as an upgrade or additional benefits on special occasions. Being impressive is different from pampering the guests with freebies.

It is more than that. I would say teamwork is one of the best ways to demonstrate impressive service. Rather than a singular superstar in the department, it is way better that everyone is a star.

Recently I was dining at Raitalay Terrace at Rayavadee, and had a very pleasant experience as shown below. (The hearts represent the deposits in Service Bank.)

  1. Warm welcome and staff greeted me by name ♥️ 

  2. Employee showed interest by asking about the day, and how I was feeling ♥️

  3. Empathy was shown when I said my husband was resting in the room with a slight headache. The employee offered medicine and asked if we would like to see the resort nurse. ♥️♥️

  4. As a "first-time" guest, the restaurant concept was explained to me. ♥️

  5. Employee highlighted the specials and was readily aware of the required supplement for half-board guests. ♥️

  6. When I asked if there was Western food in the menu, the employee explained there wasn’t but she offered to check with kitchen if guest had something in mind. ♥️

  7. I asked the second employee (who served the cold towels) if he knew what time the spa closes. He was able to answer on the spot.♥️ (It would have been even better if he had offered to check the availability)

  8. When I expressed interest in the drink that I had in another outlet the day prior - but could not remember the name - employee swiftly offered to check with the other team and in the system. ♥️ ♥️

  9. Good teamwork and communication throughout the meal period. There were 5 different team members who came to the table at different points for service (e.g. serving, clearing), and all dishes/special orders were confirmed accurately. Furthermore, while each of them engaged in some small ways, there was no repeat service or question, demonstrating seamless collaboration.♥️♥️

  10. During billing, I was asked if I would like a club car to return to my room. This was anticipatory, although the offer was declined as I preferred to stroll back. ♥️

Service Bank: Deposit of 13 ♥️

Reflective thoughts: In the above case, the service bank saw a deposit of 13 hearts for a 60-minute meal. How would you design your service delivery such that any average meal will score at least 6 to 8 hearts?

What is your benchmark of WOW service?

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