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The DO-NOT of Porter Service

a. No eye contact, no engagement, just silence……

b. Luggage left unattended in the lobby, even if momentarily so….(it’s not that guests do not trust you, but can we trust all the other strangers walking around the lobby?)

c. Not knowing the basics of the hotel (e.g. how old is the hotel, number of rooms, operating hours of restaurants, where the facilities are located, etc.)

d. Putting hand carry on the floor (unless guests do the same with that very bag)

e. Announcing room number in front of other guests (whether at/near the counter or at/in the elevator)

f. For multiple rooms, not sorting out beforehand which luggage belongs to which room

g. Asking “May I come in?” when the guest has already just said, “Please come in”

h. Lingering for tips

Instead, try to add more to your Service Bank by doing the following:

o Give your recommendation about the hotel’s facilities (e.g. lunch promotion, signature spa treatment, best view for photo-takings, etc.)

o Find out more about the guest (e.g. places of interest to visit, if they are familiar with some new or key sights) so as to create opportunities to surprise them (e.g. information pack during turndown)

o Offer specific services (e.g. restaurant booking, shuttle or transport service) before leaving the guest room.

o Offer to remove airline tag when delivering the luggage

o Offer to hang up suits, jackets, cardigans during arrival in the room

o Offer to wipe down the luggage if soiled

o Ask about guest’s stay when entering the room to pick up luggage for departure.

Reflective thoughts: What would you impress you during porter service? What would annoy or frustrate you?

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