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The Friendly Driver at Fusion Maia

Mr. Yem of Fusion Maia Resort in Danang, Vietnam, made a positive impression on us. He was warm and friendly from the first moment we met at the airport. He struck me more as a happy host rather than simply a hotel driver. 💖

He asked if he had pronounced our names correctly with a toothy grin. We spoke about the weather, he asked about my country, and upon reaching the resort, he declared, We will take good care of your luggage and send them directly to your room." 💖

During my departure, I was fortunate to have Mr. Yem once again for the transfer. As my friend had left on an earlier flight, Mr. Yem asked about her too, demonstrating his positive engagement.💖

Mid-way through the ride, I asked if the airport sells postage stamps. He said he wasn't sure, and immediately offered to help post my postcards. He was aware that the stamps for overseas mail was approximately 30,000 VND. 💖

In particular, I appreciated Mr. Yem's sense of pride in his work and contentment with his workplace and colleagues. When asked, he shared that he has been working at the resort for more than 10 years, since its opening. There were approximately 30 fellow colleagues who had started around the same time a decade back. He also spoke fondly of the other Fusion properties, even though he had not stepped foot in there before. 💖

Total Service Bank: Minimum of 5 x 💖

Reflective thoughts: Does your team members project their sense of pride at work? How do they show it among themselves and with the guests?

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