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The Most Misogynistic Housing Agent

It is most unfortunate to state that the service level of housing agents in Singapore is generally very, very low. In various extensive encounters with them - ourselves, families, friends and colleagues, it is more the exception than the norm when one comes across a good one. By that, we mean one who is professional, knowledgable, non-pushy, who expresses genuine interest in finding out the prospective clients' needs than focuses on showing off their own achievement, who has a good level of EQ.

Take for example, Mr. Victor, who was representing the sale of our property. In our first meeting to determine the selling price, he stated blatantly, "Women are more emotional when it comes to selling and buying. Sometimes they don't look at the figures in details." Perhaps he didn't mean it as a criticism, but still, I find what and how he said it highly inappropriate.

He tried to have us price our place on par with what another neighbouring unit was selling at. My point was that our layout and view (i.e. direct pool access) were different, and we did not need to copy what the other unit was doing since it was not an apple-to-apple comparison. Furthermore, we were not in a hurry to sell at all and we were not willing to compromise much on our asking price.

At one point during the COVID period, only two visitors were allowed in each household daily. So when an interested couple asked to return to see the house one evening, Mr. Victor told me over the phone, "This time, I will ask his wife to stay at home so I can come and show the place to the husband."

If not for the fact that we had already signed an agreement with this agent, we would have fired him on the spot. What a misogynistic remark! What audacity! When I told him that it was not up to him nor us - I was trying to be inclusive here - to decide whether the husband or wife should come view or stay home, he pig-headedly added, "perhaps the wife could stay and prepare dinner since they have young children." Which they don't, as I knew from my direct conversation with this nice couple that they have just one teenage son.

What an emotionally-disconnecting, zero-EQ individual trying to pass off as being a senior professional! We were aghast and appalled by this person's attitude and behaviour, to say the least.

Service Bank: Minus 10 or more

Reflective thoughts: Your people are your brand ambassadors. Think of what gestures, body language or/and expressed remarks/opinions would tarnish your brand reputation?

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