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The Most Wonderful Weather Forecast

At Rayavadee in Krabi, I had casually asked about the weather forecast for the coming week as my family member might join me and I was contemplating going on a sea excursion. Keiko, a Japanese team member manning the Guest Service desk, shared the results on-screen with me and we spoke about the unpredictability of weather these days. She also asked about my stay and we chatted briefly before I took off for my spa appointment.

By the time I returned to my room, I saw a small hotel paper bag hanging at my front door (as I had placed the Do Not Disturb sign.) This is what I received:

Feeling a little puzzled what this was about, I unrolled the papers and there is a........

..... coloured print-out of the week's weather forecast! (Note the highlighted dates, reflecting the period I was enquiring about. Small details so do matter!)

In the beautiful hand-written note, there was also an explanation about this hand-made paper doll.

Kudos to this powerful guest experience delivered. Service Bank: 💖💖💖💖💖minimum!

Service Excellence is not just about the guest, but just as importantly, if not more, it is also a reflection of the person delivering it.

Reflective thoughts: Think of the most mundane request you receive daily. How can you add some dash of creativity, sprinkles of delight to make the entire experience (for you and guest) much more unforgettable?

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