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The Small Little Things

Here are some examples:

  • The Starbucks barista serving small cups of water while the standing customers await for their takeaway drinks.

  • At the Bhava Spa in Bangkok, the service attendants always walk out to welcome arriving customers. They also ensure that the customers' shoes are turned around ready for wear during departure. Similarly, they always accompany the departing customers out of the spa building until they reach the end of the driveway.

  • Once, the hotel had overbooked and I was one of the arriving guests who had to check-in at the adjacent hotel. (We call it "walking the guests".) Yes, the limousine was offered and yes, F&B privileges were also extended. But what made the real difference was that the Director of Rooms, along with a few other staff of the original hotel stood ready at the second place of accommodation to convey their personal apologies and offered further assistance. Their effort made us feel appreciated despite the frustrating situation. (Most hotels would have just let things be and shy away from meeting the guests who were definitely not in the best of mood!)

  • When housekeeping teams leave small packet of microfibre cloth next to my laptop or sunglasses. Or a bookmark for my unfinished book. Or the cable wrap to tidy up my charging cables.

  • When we receive a note of acknowledgement in the room for the delayed breakfast service. Or some form of acknowledgement by team members.

Reflective thoughts: What are some other small little things that easily make a positive difference and make your service extraordinary?

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