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The Stall Lady with Impeccable, 5-star Service

This happened at one of the small-scale bazaars at Mercury Ville, Bangkok. This lady was manning the accessories stall selling earrings, necklaces, bracelets and the like. Immediately, one could tell there was something different about her.

I observed that no matter whether she was busy tending to other customers, she would always be alert and ready to greet those coming near her stall. Her smile was genuine and did not dissipate even though many of the passerby were, well, just passing by. After finishing my coffee facing right across her stall, I decided to check out the goods she was selling.

The stall lady highlighted the different types of materials, and explained which were more solid versus those that would bend more easily. She informed that they have a factory to produce their own designs and that their products were distributed in Australia, Dubai and Korea. She showed the accessories she had been wearing for the past three years and demonstrated that the condition of these items remained like brand new with the right care. In the end, I realised she was the designer herself and that while she could have distributed the items through a mall, the final marked up prices would make it more prohibitive for the audience. "For me, I would like to extend the affordability of quality accessories with my designs - done with my passion - to my customers. I hope many people get to enjoy it." she shared enthusiastically.

All these made me feel confident about her products and relate to her way of thinking. And that in turn, prompted me to get two simple pairs of earrings as small gifts. Even though the total price was less than 500THB (approximately USD15), the lady extended a 10% discount because "I enjoyed talking with you!"

She also advised me to wipe the pieces before and after wearing each time as that would ensure they last longer. It was also very thoughtful of her to provide me with extra back stoppers for the earrings as those in particular were more malleable. "Just in case...." she quipped with a smile as she helped to wrap them up with care.

As I walked away with my little paper bag, I felt uplifted by the lady's positivity, passion, sincerity and upbeat nature. I am pretty sure the service and interaction from my 500THB purchase surpassed some of those fancy high-priced shopping where crowds had to queue up to enter the boutiques.

I silently wished for her business to succeed the way she would like it to be.

Service Bank: Deposit of 5 x💖, minimum.

Reflective thoughts: How would you/your team showcase their positivity, passion, sincerity and sense of pride in what they do? Give specific behavioural responses or gestures.

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