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Time is Precious...

...especially for guests on holidays, who detest any unnecessary waste of time.

Take for example, the recent incident at Kaamala resort where the couple's complimentary photography session was delayed by 30 minutes. While it is easy to dismiss them off as being petulant kids making a fuss over a short wait for a free service offering, let's take a moment to understand the their perspectives.

They were asked to meet the photographer at the breakfast restaurant at 10.15am. In fact, the guests had initially arranged for 10.30am, but was informed by Front Desk that 10.15am would be more ideal. Fine, thought the guests, so they could get to an earlier start of the day. So the couple had set their alarm - which they usually don't do during holidays - and planned their morning schedule in such a way that they would have time to swim in their villa pool, shower up, enjoy in-room breakfast, get dressed for the shoot and be all ready at the meeting spot by 10.15am.

After ten minutes of waiting in front of the restaurant, the guests asked the outlet employee to call the Front Desk to check, who simply informed them to "wait a while longer". So, as the minutes ticked past while the couple waited in front of the outlet, they thought about all the things they could have done with the extra time - e.g. woke up later, swam longer, enjoyed breakfast at slower pace, head out sooner to explore the streets, etc...

Finally, the photographer came along and apologised as he had been informed to wait at the villa instead. A case of misunderstanding, apparently...

Service Bank: Minus 3

Reflective thoughts: Look back at the situation above - how many opportunities were missed in terms of informing/updating guests about the delay? What could have been done to make the communication seamless and to avoid the situation from recurring?

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