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Tokyo Hands: A Thoughtful Gesture

I asked the shop assistant who was sorting out some stock, if they sold ankle stockings. My feet were hurting from the abrasion with the shoes I had on.

The lady said she didn't think the shop carried any, but walked over to another section to double-check regardless. She confirmed that they didn’t sell the enquired item and apologised for it. I was about to thank her for checking when she promptly offered, “Let me get you a plaster” and went off to the back room.

She could have just shrugged helplessly and thought "too bad". She could have simply returned to what she was doing before I interrupted her task. However, she chose to do otherwise and continued to find a way to help. Such considerate gesture is hard to come by, and is most appreciated.

Thank you for the small gesture of kindness 😊👏👍

Service Bank: 💖💖💖

Reflective thoughts: In your organization or team, how is genuine care and interest demonstrated, beyond the script? What about yourself - when was the last time you showed it to a random stranger?

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