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What Do We Remember?

The other evening, my husband and I went to the Florette Bar of the newly opened Pan Pacific Hotel at Orchard Road. Overall, we had a good time since we appreciated experiencing a new venue. The place was nice and the cocktails pretty decent too.When we left, we spoke about the things that stuck to our minds about the place.


At one point, the lighting dimmed suddenly and it was apparent that it was too dark.....and then brightened up abruptly again, giving the impression that it was a human error. Seconds later, the lights softened gently now, before being turned up and down once again as if someone was at the backroom doing a test of the different lighting levels.

Our thoughts: this was not the time to do a trial run.

Bar food

The bar food took a tad too long - about 25 minutes - to arrive and the portions could not be described as generous. Still, the crab cake was flavourful although the fish tacos were lacking some kick to the taste.

Our thoughts: when you charge $30 for each dish (including taxes and service charge) and if you can't make up for the portions, do not disappoint too on the flavours, presentation and service delivery.


We get it that the bar is named Florette, and hence the floral design of the menu and the black uniforms with large red flowers all over for the service staff.

Our thoughts: Most of us can't pull off a gawdy-looking floral shirt like that. Was that why the team members looked somewhat awkward in this uniform, or was that just our imagination? We wondered if the management themselves would be proud to wear this same gear. Don't do to others what you wouldn't for yourself.

Coaster vs No Coaster

We had two glasses of iced water placed on coasters in front of us. Our cocktails arrived and as the waiter placed the rock glass directly on the table for my husband, I got ready for mine by moving the water glass aside so that I could use the coaster for my ordered drink.

The waiter then reached out to slide my empty coaster to the far side before placing down my drink in direct contact with the table top.

Now, I am well aware that in some restaurants and bars, they do not use coasters for stem glassware. The point is, when the guests do express a preference - whether verbally or by gesture - for using coasters, this should be respected.

(Imagine refusing a diner in a Chinese restaurant to use fork and spoon, and insisting that he/she uses the chopsticks set on the table?)

Our thoughts: Not only was my intention not understood or respected, it was completely disregarded. It also demonstrated the lack of intuitive service by this waiter.

Reflective thoughts: Your guest/diner may have had a pleasant time in your hotel/restaurant. What specific details would they remember or be able to share at the end of the encounter? You may be surprised that despite the good time, the things the guests/diners could recall are not the positive ones after all. How can you and your team work on reducing such likelihood?

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