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What Makes You Happy?

Quite a long while ago, I was spending some time at Constance Le Prince Maurice and during my stay, I had the opportunity to chit chat with different employees.

It first started when I returned to the beach bar for a light meal - my second day straight. It was a quiet time around 3pm and as I entered, I saw Vikesh, the smiley team member whom I had spoken with the day before, cleaning some glassware behind the counter.

"Hello, Mervin, you are looking very happy. What's the good news?" I asked.

As he continued to shine the glasses with the torchon, he seemed to smile even more broadly and chirped, "To see you! I'm also happy at work here...look, (he turned around and made a grand hand gesture towards the sea in the background)...see how beautiful my "office" is. I come to work and I see my friends here, sometimes we also call each other on our off-days or plan outings together. So what's not to enjoy here?"

His words had a profound impact on me. How refreshing it is to hear something so spontaneous and genuine; something so basic but not at all easily attained by many (companies and employees)?

Subsequently, when I met each employee there, I would ask, "What makes you happy?" Interestingly, being at work is a big factor for their happiness. Just as the saying goes, 'When you truly enjoy your work and what you do, it doesn't feel like work at all."

Here are a handful of the amazing and heartfelt responses by the various staff members:

Rony - "Because I grew and am still growing in this place. It makes me more than a better person."

Damree - When my guests are happy and having a good time, it means we have done our job well. It makes me proud and happy. Also, when the colleagues have a nice time playing caroms near the canteen. When we win, we shout "yeahhhhhh!". We have fun together and it is relaxing.

Akshay - The environment here, the view, the decor and the colleagues. They are polite and nice, and show me how to do things. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my friends, sometimes with people here too (i.e. colleagues). We go to the beach, chat, joke, laugh and just relax."

Ravi - Being at work, being with my colleagues. Here, we've got a good bonding and it's like family.

Reflective thoughts: If the same question was posed to you and your team, what would the response be like?

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