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Mas de la Cèdres: What's Your Story?

The first time we met the owners of Mas de la Cèdres in Provence, we quickly learned some interesting backstory about how the couple settled at this lovely place.

They shared about the house origin and how "destiny" (as they described it) found its way to connect them and the place. While scouting for a suitable site for their new home, which would also be where they would build their Bed and Breakfast lodging, they drove past this land for sale with a big cedar tree at the entrance. This husband-wife team used to work for InterContinental Hospitality Group and had been based in Lebanon, whose national flag features cedar trees. They thought at that moment, "It must be a sign." It then turned out that both the ex-owner and owner-to-be (missus) were Italian, and they connected well. Right at the first visit, they had fallen in love with the property and its surrounding.

At breakfast, the host announced that all their products were either home-made or produced by local artisans. He showed us the attractively-set up counter of cold cuts, yoghurt, fresh fruits, cereals, bread and highlighted the two pots of jam. "These are the most special items here because they are made from my and my wife's mother."

(Side note: when I ordered a hot chocolate, I was asked if I would like it dark or with more milk, and also offered to have the milk be presented separately. Lovely small details of attention!)

Reflective thoughts: For your product and service offerings, is there a compelling story that draws your guests and customers? Is it something compelling that tugs at the heart strings, highly memorable or unique that make your audience want to pass it on and share with others?

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