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Our Services

Brand Service Consultancy

Is your brand's service DNA truly distinct and unique? How do you incorporate your brand values internally and infuse them in every single touchpoint of the experiential journey? In short, how does your organisation demonstrate the "do" beyond the "say"?

We will help you achieve your desired goals with clear mapping of short, mid and long-term strategies for both your internal and external audience. 

Afterall, it is only when both your clients and team perceive the brand it is positioned to be, that the brand is considered truly authentic.


Seminars and Workshops


Service excellence is the mentality of not accepting mediocrity from ourselves. It is also about seeking continuous improvement and being in constant pursuit of doing better, being better. 

We do not present you with a fixed list of topics. Rather, we first seek to understand your objectives before proposing fully customised content and its delivery. 

With a focus on emotional engagement, creative thinking and motivational leadership, we have proven track record to help you get to where you want your service level to be. 


(Target audience can range from frontline teams, middle management to executive levels.)


Service Guidelines Development

We are not referring to the boring standard operating procedures and service manuals (which in all honesty, no one really reads). We do not want to be creating service robots. 

We are more excited about establishing meaningful guidance which encourages creativity, being solutions-focused and instilling the sense of ownership.


We want the team to be inspired, rather than feel boxed-in. We want them to embrace the service principles and actively translate these into positive moments for both clients and themselves.



Hotel Departmental Programs


Discover and unleash the full potential of your hotel's most valuable assets - your people, your brand ambassadors. 

Traditional training is not our cup of tea, as it does not encourage critical and intuitive thinking.


We strive to share and inspire. We delve deeper into the behavioural elements that make a difference, integrating your brand values in the process. 

Caution: we cannot do it without infusing fun in the programs. 


Room Reservations | Front Office | Butlers | Food and Beverage | Spa and Fitness | Housekeeping & Laundry

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Service Encounter Assessment

Forget about the "white-gloved-hand-swiping-across-counters" type of inspection. It is not only about the checklist and measurement of service gaps. 

Unlike the typical one-off or yearly inspection that is a hit or miss, our approach provides a more comprehensive and qualitative coverage with detailed insights and specific actionables. 

Our key mission is to identify service uplift opportunities that create a more engaging and memorable experience, befitting of your brand. 

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Special Projects


Are you looking at new ways of doing things? Have you been wanting to embark on a new service excellence project or client service initiative but somehow haven't nailed it down exactly what or how?


Whether it is working on pre-opening hotels or rebranding of existing properties; whether it is the development of butler programs or review of internal processes to improve efficiency and seamless collaboration, we are here to support and contribute to your organisation's further success.


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