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Communication Matters

Situation 1

During food delivery for room service:

Guest: I will call later for the tray clearance

Employee: You can leave the tray outside the room.

Guest: Oh, I am not sure if it will attract ants or other insects.

Employee: Then you can leave the tray and used items in the room and we will clear them tomorrow.

Comment: The employee is reluctant to return to the room to clear the tray as per guest preference. (Or perhaps he is hoping to avoid seeing the same guest again?)

Situation 2

The Executive Assistant Manager came by to introduce himself while guests were awaiting for the spa treatment in the afternoon.

EAM: How is your stay so far?

Guest: Yes, it's good. Than you.

EAM: Did you sleep well?

Guest: Yes, we slept till 9am today.

EAM: Did you have breakfast?

Guest: Yes we did. We had lunch too.

EAM: Do you have any plans for the stay?

Guest: We are taking it easy as we have few more days.

EAM: What's your dinner plan tonight?

Comment: Enough! Guests are feeling like they are being interrogated. Do not jump from one question to the next in quick succession. Respond to and acknowledge the guest's replies. It is meant to be a conversation, not a questioning session.

Situation 3

Conversation between restaurant employee and guest:

Guest: How big is this dish here....the risotto with scallops?

Employee: Not very big. I think you can.

Guest: Oh, can I?

Employee: Yes, for one person it's good.

Guest: So I don't need starter?

Employee: Yes, I think just the risotto is enough for you.

Comment: How would you know?(!) Ask appropriate questions to ascertain their preference and appetite before recommending accordingly. Do not assume you know how much they can eat or feel like eating.

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