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Concierge: Tailor request

In Bangkok, it is relatively common for hotel guests to ask about tailor services to have a suit or shirt made, or their favourite outfit copied using different fabrics or colours. Due to the competitive nature of the tailoring business, many of them do offer on-site service for surrounding hotels, making it convenient for the hotel guests.

Typically, a request to the concierge would go like this:

Guest: Hello, do you have any recommendation for tailor shops around the hotel?

Concierge: Certainly. We can arrange for them to come to the hotel too. The shop's name is ABC.

Guest: Yes, please. Can you check with them if tomorrow at 3pm is alright?

Concierge: Room 214 for 3pm tomorrow....(writing down). Certainly I will let them know and get back to you.


What do you think of the above? Straight-forward and informative? Anticipatory and complete?

Yes, the employee had offered assistance - but because it was asked.

Yes, the employee was going to help check if 3pm the next day is fine with the tailor - and once again, it was because the guest had asked for it.

The response, while acceptable, was rather average, and definitely not considered impressive.

While the employee seemed to have some ready knowledge about the tailor, from the information shared above, this appeared rather basic.

Service Bank: 0 (no change)

So, what would you do to demonstrate greater knowledge? How would you anticipate the guest's needs?

Some suggestions include:

  • Ask about the types of garments (and whether for male or female) and number of pieces the guest has in mind for tailoring

  • Give more than one recommendation and tell more about each or/and explain the main difference (e.g. one has higher price point, but have many imported fabrics; the other specialises mainly in cotton and in office wear; one needs 48 hours turnaround time while the other can do it within 24 hours)

  • Inform where the tailor shops are located, in case guest may want to visit. How long does it take to go there - by taxi or metro? Are there other places of interests around there?

  • Offer for hotel on-site appointment with tailor. (In the above scenario, this was informed but not specifically offered to the guest).

  • Inform briefly how the on-site appointment will be: meeting point? best suited spot for taking measurement and trying on the garment/s (if not inside guest room)? number of appointments required? (especially for suits as more fitting sessions may be required). Explain what will take place on each visit (e.g. taking of measurement, selection of fabrics based on fabric swatches, deposit if required - mode of payment, etc.)

  • Note that for some cultures, female tailor (or the person doing the measurement) is required

  • Demonstrate knowledge of guest's (remaining) length of stay and confirm so (since the guest may check out of hotel but move elsewhere within the city).

  • If timing is too short, inform of option to send package overseas (either by tailor or hotel)

  • Assure guest that all the requirements will be passed onto the tailor shop

  • Use guest name

  • Offer other additional assistance (be specific in suggestion if you can)

It is only when the guest has no more lingering thoughts (or doubts), that we can consider the request to be fully anticipated.

Reflective thoughts:

Why is it recommended to ask guest about the types of garments and number of pieces ?

Think of the last few requests your team has handled. Did they simply meet the request, or did they exceed expectations? What are the specific gestures undertaken that make the service go from average to good? Which specific part made it jump from good to great?

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