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Missed Small Details

I was looking through my old notes last week and came across an entry of missed details on a singular day at my hotel stay:

  1. Fitness Centre - both team members did not know what time the breakfast ends. one of them was not aware where breakfast was served, although he did offer to call and ask. (I would say it's NOT such a small detail after all.)

  2. During my 40-min stay at the gym, neither of the two team members came in to check on the place or other guests. 

  3. Bag assistance was not offered during breakfast and at the executive lounge.

  4. Team member was pacing up and down nearby during breakfast service. She was most likely trying to be attentive, but ended up making me feel under constant scrutiny and not having a sense of personal space.

  5. Lunch tray during room service was placed at the side of the table and not directly in front of the chair (nor was there an offer to move the seat for ease of dining)

  6. The bowl of roses under the massage bed was placed off-centre and could not be viewed in full when guest was laying face down

  7. Spa team member was not aware of what the offered hot beverage was (as the drink changes every day, apparently.)

Reflective thoughts: Make a list of the service misses, the small details, based on a single encounter today. It could be from your workplace, a visit to the cafe, your lunch/dinner experience, etc. Make it a point to really observe and notice the things around you.

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